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We’re happy to have you along for the ride. After over a decade in business, we have built a new website that aims at better meeting the needs of our core customers – buyers, sellers, traders, compounders, and manufactures of rubber.

To help kick things off on the right foot in 2020, we’ve developed a series of vlog posts on what the industry is facing this year, and where we stand on many key issues such as sustainability, waste, old tires, corporate recycling programs, scrap and send back processes, and innovative new comers to sustainability market at large like Loop from TerraCycle.

Before we dive into specific issues, we thought it best to take a minute to share with you who we are.

Watch vlog #1 below. More to come soon.


Hey, this is Nick Campesi with Perpetual Rubber. We had a little issue with our server this week and in the downtime we kind of decided we were going to restore our Web site from the back up. And we made a decision just to go ahead and rebuild, primarily because we hadn’t updated the site in a few years and quite a bit changed in our industry and quite a bit changed with our company. And so partially. You know, I wanted to throw out some videos that will kind of help put a repository of information about who we are, what we do. And this being the first one real simple was going to be a very quick, just basic overview of who is perpetual rubber. And at the core, you know, to answer that very succinctly, we are a buyer and seller of rubber. Now we offer recycling services and design programs for factories that want to prevent trim, scrap, purge out unwanted rubber from hitting the landfill. We are also a manufacturer of products out of rubber scrap. We also sell reclaimed rubber in many different forms. You know, our goal is to foster operations that are going to put the well-being of humanity as a primary goal. This is going to keep material out of the landfill and and even less use of natural rubber and synthetic rubber in virgin compound form. And I invite you to join me. I want to deep dive into these topics such as recycling, sustainability, logistics and emerging trends in the industry. And I hope you’ll join me. Thanks.

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