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In the market for rubber? Not sure whether to go with a virgin rubber product or reclaimed? Look no further, our CEO Nic Campesi breaks down everything you need to know when it comes to deciding whether to go with a reclaimed or virgin rubber supplier.


Nic Campesi [00:00:01] Hi this is Nic Campesi with Perpetual Rubber. Today I wanted to cover a topic of that, I often get asked quite a bit. It’s a pretty simple question and it’s so why would I use a reclaimed product over a virgin product? And the very simple answer is, and I’m not going to sugar coat it. I can save you money if you have virgin rubber and we can make a reclaimed product. Typically for less than the cost of the virgin product. And not only save you money, but offer a more consistent price. And you know, virgin rubber price is going to be volatile. They’re going to fluctuate. And I’m able to give you maybe possibly a long term multi-year price that won’t have all the spike and fluctuation. 

Nic Campesi [00:00:57] Also, the quality of reclaimed rubber product powders have dramatically improved in the last few years, along with our ability to not only produce powder, we can also produce master batch or in a slab form. And people are getting way better load rates than they were just five years ago. And you know, the more reclaim you can use and still retain the properties that are needed for the quality of your product, then the more money that you are going to be able to save. 

Nic Campesi [00:01:31] A big one today is the sustainability. 

Nic Campesi [00:01:35] This is a huge selling point. Investors are beginning to demand companies make an effort to lessen their environmental impact. We just saw recently with BlackRock Financial came out and said that, you know, one of the key metrics now is companies sustainability policies. And I think that as younger generation comes into the into the investment world, we’re going to start seeing more and more of that. And I think smart companies are already taking heed. The other big reason to use reclaim in many products would be an performance increase from sound deadening to impact attenuation using rubber, where you may not have thought it was affordable to do so in the past could enhance the performance of a product that you could build and. I think another big reason that that people are going to. Look at when they’re manufacturing a product is the possible tax credit that you can get, you know, LEED certification being one example of that and using using a reclaimed product can earn you LEED credits. Look, whether it’s EPDM, nitrile, SBR, butyl, we are able to provide a product made to your specification and I encourage you to reach out to us and learn more about what services and products that we can offer to you. Once again, it’s Nic with Perpetual Rubber. Thanks for watching. 

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